Special offers of this year!

Group Booking Discount!

When booking more than 1 boat per holiday booking starting and finishing on the same dates you get up to 20 % discount!

Extended Bookings

For all cruises of 14 nights or more you get 10 % discount off second and subsequent weeks.

Family Bookings

Cruise as a family with children and receive a 5% Discount for 1 child and 10% Discount for 2 children

Short Breaks

You can book a short break cruise at any time for selected departures completed by 28th June 2014 or departing after 22nd August 2014. Short breaks are also possible on selected boats during the summer season and can be booked up to 4 weeks before departure.
3 Nights = 55% of weekly price
4 Nights = 65% of weekly price
5 Nights = 75% of weekly price

Please note: Specials can be combined to a maximum of 15%!

Contact us!

So if you´re interested to spent a really unforgettable time on board of a Scottish boat please contact us by clicking on the carrier pidgeon below! Let us know the boat type you are interested in (see the different boats and prices by clicking the links above!), your name and email address, the date of departure and how many persons will accompany you. 
We´ll give you not binding but full information.